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Click on a kayaker above to go to the main page for that year.  Each year's main page will have a list of trips and/or paddles each with it's own page (or pages) of pictures. Thank you for visiting my web site. As I'm sure you can tell by the name of the site the main reason for these pages is to show others our kayaking pictures.  Not all the photos will be of kayaking.  If we take a trip to go kayaking but also take in a birding site, museum, aquarium or any such thing, those photos will be here also. I have always loved the water and as I grew up my interests changed from swimming, fishing and boating to the more natural side.  I am a bird watcher but not really a bird lister.  I know all the birds that are in my back yard and that hit my bird feeders but need a lot of work on most other birds.  I take my field guides with me when I am out in the kayaks but rarely open them until I get home.  For me the joy of birding is in the watching and the wonder.  Not necessarily in the identification or naming. My first kayak experience was my girl friend and me taking a guided tour of Constitution Marsh with Hudson Valley Outfitters of Cold Spring.  It only took that one afternoon to get me hooked.  Within a week I had my first kayak.  That was the summer of 2003. I love the solitude, peace and quiet that comes with kayaking. We have kayaked in many places.  We try to find new places to kayak in the Hudson River Valley area and try to take an early spring kayak / hiking / birding trip south to warmer states. My girlfriend and I plan to keep traveling, exploring and seeing what there is to see.  Barbara and I both enjoy kayaking, hiking, biking and nature in general.  Just look at 2010 and after pages to see what we like. I will probably have a fairly large site in the end and so I am trying to make it as easy as possible to find what you are trying to see.  Above I have a link to each year.  Each year has links to an event (a paddle, hike, etc) that I  have pictures for. Please feel free to e-mail me at                                                     with any questions, errors noted on my web site or just to chat.  Sorry I have to make it so difficult, but before I did I got hundreds of spam mail a week. Happy paddling! Happy hiking! Happy biking! Happy life!!! "Leave only footprints, take only memories" (...and maybe some pictures)